Audience Segmentation from the Dashboard

Here you can create a control set of Audiences to Measure the uplift of your campaign.

You can select a group of Audiences for which the campaign should be visible to

Audience Segmentation
As you can see on the above image, there is an option for segmentation of audience from Dashboard, Basically, you can control the set of audience by setting up the control set split to Measure the uplift of your campaign by choosing a control set.
Control set definition:- Set of Audience who cannot see the Campaign.
“That means if you keep the set of Audience as 51%, then the rest of the 49% of your audience will see this campaign” and 51% of people won't see the campaign.
Here, we’ll split the audience for the campaign into two groups. Then, we’ll automatically assign 49% of your audience to your campaign and 51% to the control set split group.
That means 51% of your audience won’t see this Campaign.
So Ideally, if you want all of your users to see the campaign, you should set it to 0% so the rest 100% set of the audience can see the campaign.

We recommend that you set it for 0% if you want all of your audience to see the campaign.


Note:- If you set it as 100%, then no users will see the campaign.