CustomerGlu Multistep Reports Explained

By Using CustomerGlu’s reports, you can easily measure and understand your Customer engagement
We offer a breakdown of everything important to your business.
How to see the Analytics (Reports) from Dashboard? Reports are automatically generated within 3 hrs after the campaign is taken live. This is how you can see the reports.
After Clicking on Multistep report, the Multistep report will appear, it looks like this.
From the above picture You can see the users journey Metrics from opening of App to All Steps Completion.
  • Steps Completed and how many users are on what step
  • Total Activities completed/ Total users that had completed the Activities
  • Activity clicked
  • CTA clicked
  • Steps completed/started
  • Date Filter
  • User id Filter and many more. The best part is that you can customize the report with the data you require.Let us know what metrics you are most interested in, we will add it to the report in a jiffy!