CustomerGlu Reports Explained

Analytics of Reports on Dashboard

You can view comprehensive reports for all campaigns you created with CustomerGlu. You can use these reports to analyze campaign performance, compare performance across campaigns, and understand engagement trends. Campaign reports allow monitoring of campaign performance at a glance.

The report may take up to 6 hours to appear once the campaign was taken live and from then it will automatically refresh every 3 hours. We offer Various types of campaigns and reports can be customized accordingly.

Here is the list of campaigns we offer

Here’s how to view a report from Dashboard We offer a breakdown of everything important to your business. Click on the desired campaign from the campaigns that are on dashboard, here im giving an example of how to view report on Dashboard.

Go to your desired Campaign and hover on it, you will find an option as View Report as seen in the above pic, Click on it and the report will appear.


In the reports you can filter the Data by Date Wise :- Select the Date range you want the reports from.

Users Answers list :- Which user selected what answer.

User Id List :- With this list you can know exactly which user got what reward, you can import this list as well, This User Id list comes with all campaign reports.


Best thing is these metrics are customizable,let us know what metrics you need that you want to see in reports,we will add it.

Quizzes Demo Report, this report shows the metrics that are visible for Personality Quizzes and Normal Quizzes as well Quiz Demo Report​

Spin the Wheel Demo Report Games Demo Report Multistep,Streaks Demo Report Multistep / Streak Demo Report Referrals Demo Report Referral Demo Report