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We want the users to play the game once a day. Now, since we have only 5-6 rewards, if the user does not convert and keeps playing again and again daily, what happens when he gets the same reward again ? Will it show as one on the rewards/wallet page or as two separate rewards, with same coupon code?
Right now, the game once played the state will be saved, So if the user wins the same reward in Day 1 and Day2 there will be two cards with the same coupons.
Test all games:
As a part of the game, the multiple reward icons will be moving in the game and finally one of the icons needs to be present in all the slots to decide the winning. So, we can upload one of the reward icons but what about other rewards?
Other rewards follow the same pattern. |fish| fish| fish| --> Reward.
I assumed that whenever the reward icons do not match in slot machine, that means no reward?
No, the reward icon matches every time, but the end result is no reward, instead of the reward you offer, (just like google scratch card we get to know better luck next time after scratching the card).