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Developer FAQ

When does your analytics gets refreshed?

Reports are refreshed every 24-hours.
Where can we find reward webhooks for campaigns?
Please follow the instructions below to set up the Reward Webhook :
  1. 1.
    Go to the Dev Console.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to the 'Integration' section.
  3. 3.
    Under 'Webhook' and select 'Reward Webhook.'
  4. 4.
    There you can add the webhook URL.
For more information about the Reward Webhook in this documentation, and the documentation for the Reward Webhook Schema can be found here
We created two campaigns in the dashboard but can see 4 cards in the wallet?
The 2 extra cards are present because the rewards from older campaigns have not expired, the reward expiries are different from the campaign schedule, and can be set from the dashboard.

If the user does not open the banner (CTA), will his progress start if completes an activity?

You can choose to have an explicit "Accept" button for a campaign to start the activity tracking, or by default once the API call for getting the campaign url is made, we will start tracking the activity regardless of the user having opened the program.

Can you share data through Metabase as API?

Yes, We can share the data as a Reward webhook (i.e. who played, what they won, etc.) with you. (API work is in progress)

Can we show a user who completes the week 1 activity the next activity?

No, We cannot trigger the week 2 campaign, if the users complete the week 1 campaign (for now).

How exactly will the coupon (Any of our product) integration happen? How does the infrastructure work?

We act as a video layer you'll share coupons with us, we'll just act as a presentation layer to run the game and unlock the coupons and call a webhook to your backend with user and reward information. This reward could be anything that can be processed at a service deployed on your servers.

How does personalization happen? Can we target different categories, store types, user campaigns?

(User segmentation) We expect user attributes while a user is being registered, which we can then use to segment a set of users by setting some filters.

What is the call of action for users?

We support 3 methods to load programs:
In-app prompts
Referral link shares
Banners that open programs
Inside programs, we can deep-link to specific app pages.

How to push notifications?

Deeplink integration We support FCM and APNS and capture the device token during registration. To know more please read: We can also send nudge payloads to a webhook.

Reward webhook, what can we configure in this?

Reward webhook payload can have some custom details, which can be set while creating a reward, apart from the standard properties. Please refer the documentation for more information:

Will the coupons be created already or be created when we make a call?

Coupons are already created, we will unlock the coupon. We support fixed and Dynamic coupon codes as well.

How will the user see their rewards (Coupons, Point, etc)?

From our reward wallet.

If we go from staging to prod, will the games be affected? We're planning to go live with a few segments (Web and ios), should we move to prod when we go for 100% of the users or should we do it now?

The only thing changing with the prod environment is the dashboard credentials, you will be given credentials for the prod env dashboard and you just have to make sure the exact same process that works for you in the current dashboard, remains unchanged on the prod dashboard.

Is there a way to send nudges event to backend directly?; say the customerglu platform pushes nudges/notifications to Us and then We pushes them to clients?

Yes, That is possible, you can give a nudge webhook, similar to the reward webhook, and we will be pushing nudges to that webhook, instead of the End-User Device.

How can we trigger the gratification for user B?

you can do it from your end by any of the following:
Clicking the claim now button on UI.
Sending CLAIM_REWARD event, similar to all your own events that you send.

While sending event data, event_id is not compulsory?

Yes, It’s not compulsory, only the user_id, event_name, and event_properties are required.

Reward webhook will hit once for a user for a single quiz, right?

If a reward is won then yes, If the reward is not won then the webhook won't be hit (NoReward) what is the token expiry time and what response do you send when we make request using expired token? Token expiry is 24 hours, on using expired token, you’ll get 401 error with the following payload: { "success": false, "message": "Invalid Token" }
What's the difference between userId and anonymousId? Can I use the same unique user id in both? anonymousId and userId are both used to uniquely identify users and maintain states of their campaigns/rewards. Generally the anonymousId property can be used for guest users- who don’t have a userId assigned yet And on sign in/up by the user, userId can be used.

Does CustomerGlu have a static-ip-address for the source of web-hook events?

Yes, It's