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Product Integration & Onboarding FAQ

How can we build it in our app?

It is very expensive for companies to build it themselves - and most of them never do, that's why we decided to solve it for everyone with CustomerGlu.

What OS does CustomerGlu support? Does it offer support to both Mobile and Web?

We support Android, IOS, and Windows too, Yes we support both Mobile and Web.

What is the Integration Process?

Here is our Developer Demo Documentation for the Integration process

What is a Reward ID?

A reward ID is an internal identifier that we have. You don't have to worry about this.

How do we send the User Id?

user ID will be sent to us during the device registration. So the way the whole flow works is that at the app load we are making the very first API call which is device registration. As part of the documentation, you will notice that there are four steps.
Step 1:- Is to load the UI.
Step 2:- Is sending events.
Step 3:- Is configuring nudges and
Step 4:- Is configuring the rewards.
To understand that where do we get the user ID, As part of the first call, which is the UI loading part, we make two API calls, one is registering a device and 2nd is loading campaigns as part of the registered device. You supply the user ID to us. That is the exact user ID that will be used for calling the web.

Do we have any testing environment for this?

We can give you a postman collection which you can pressure to trigger this weapon.

How will you basically receive the Secret?

You can send the secret by encrypting it using GPG or you can use this tool called a key base. You can send it to us over the key base. The main idea is that the key should not be shared in clear text over the Internet. That's all you can even just zip it in a text file and a password to it and you can share that with it.

If you are setting up multiple campaigns and each campaign has a coupon as a reward. So hope that metadata is also going to get configured accordingly?

Yeah, absolutely.

Can we have three-four rewards against the campaign basically one campaign is scratch a card and you get a coupon and the coupons that we are giving out is not one coupon, which is let's say having a probability of twenty percent?

Yeah, that's exactly how it is. We have a column in the input sheet as Winning chance Percentage:- Chances of winning reward by the user For example, 1- 100% is the chance of winning If there are 4 variants with a 1 as a win ratio - that would mean there is a 25% chance of winning any reward variant. So You can fill it as 25% 25% 25% 25%, if there are three variants, you can fill it as 30% 40% 30%.

Is this coupon request process will be real-time?

Yes, This will be real-time. We also have a retry mechanism where let's say in a case where the requests fail, we do retry them with an exponential back off. We have those mechanisms in place.

How many trails are there?

We do try it three times. And we also have this mechanism where at the end of the day, let's say after three retries, the request which is still failed, We can expose an endpoint to share this, or we can just try to do it at a particular time in the evening, or at least even then they are failing. We will send a report to you over a secure channel that these requests are failing so that we can look deeper into this.

How to integrate my App with CustomerGlu?

CustomerGlu provides an APK to be integrated within any partner's app or mobile web. We also provide a detailed manual for integration.

How many days does it take to complete the integration process?

To the best of our knowledge, the process of integration takes 1-10 Business days to be completed.
Yes, certainly can. please use this link on mobile: Apart from Roll the dice and gift box, everything else is in this wallet. Our team is working to add these games to the latest version too.

I have a need for custom Campaigns that are specific to my business. Can CustomerGlu help me in any way?

Sure, we have developer partners who can help you. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Can we see the events being sent by us on the dashboard?

No, you cant see the events in your dashboard. But, we can confirm that we are receiving the events by checking internally.
We didn't receive Webhook request ?
Please Check the url shared.
We got an Unauthorized error while sending events?
Please check the request body, url and Auth headers. What is the SDK size for Android OS? 250 kb
What is the SDK size for IOS? 2 MB