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Resetting Your CustomerGlu Dashboard Password

Here is how to reset your dashboard password
This is the home screen of the dashboard, If you want to reset or you forgot your password,
please click on “Don’t remember your password?”
Then you will be taken to this Reset Your password screen.
Here, You should enter your Email id that is associated with your dashboard account so that we can send you an email to reset your password.After the Email is sent, you can see the Notification as WE'VE JUST SENT YOU AN EMAIL TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD.
After submitting your reset request, you will get a mail like this with a url link that will reset your password, the mail looks like this.
Click on the URL. Then you will be redirected to this page.
Here, Enter Your New password and Confirm your new password by entering it again,
You get a confirmation like this after entering the Passwords.
After resetting your password go to the dashboard and enter the mail id and new password on this screen
That’s it, you have successfully reset your password.