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Time Based Push Nudges

'Nudges' or push notifications are designed to educate users and drive a particular action.

What are the use cases of the nudges?
  • Run a reminder push notification for users who have won a scratch card, but have not yet scratched the card, with the help of a nudge he gets a notification and he takes necessary action.
  • Send reminder nudges on available coupons for users to redeem.
  • Inform customers about a new campaign launch.
  • Encourage User A to nudge User B to complete referrals
What are the segments that are available?
  • We support Nudges for all users at the campaign level or at the client level
  • We support Users in a particular campaign using userid so that only those users will get a nudge.
    • For example, Users who have not scratched scratch cards, will get a nudge and get redirected to the scratch card (or wallet page or the campaign)
What If a user has multiple unlocked scratch cards?
  • We limit the nudge to only X times
Can we filter a few users out of a segment?
  • Yes, we need a CSV file with userids, we will filter the userids so that the given userids will not get a nudge

How to set up time-based nudges with CustomerGlu

  • Step 1:
  • Step 2:
    • Give us the required content like Title, body, image, time, and days
    • Note: We even support segmentation in nudges if you only want to nudge a user that fits your use case and the rest of the users should not get it, it's possible
    • By giving the necessary CTA deep links, we can redirect the user directly to the game, unclaimed reward/ voucher, a new offer, etc, the possibilities are unlimited
  • Step 3:
    • Once this Nudge input sheet is verified by us, we will deploy the required nudges for you
Make a copy of this sheet: Nudge Input sheet

For any further assistance drop an email to [email protected]