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Campaign SLA'S


Expected timelines for a campaign to go live:

  • Launching Games from the dashboard: Instantly (can be done from the dashboard)
  • Launching Games from input sheet: 1 day
  • Launching Activity-Based Programs from input sheet: 2 days
  • Launching a new Referral campaign from input sheet: 3 days

Campaign Details:

Dashboard → Scratch card, Gift Box, Spin the Wheel, Slot Machine, and Quiz
Games (from Input sheet) → Toss the coin, Roll the dice, Memory Game, Personality Quiz, and Swipe UI
Activity-Based Programs (from Input sheet) → Multi-step, Streak, Game challenge program
Referral campaign (from Input sheet) → Referral program, Tiered referral

Other Manual Ops:

  • Edits to the existing campaigns: 1-3 days (Depends on complexity)
  • Moving a campaign from Staging to Prod: 1 to 3 hours including QA