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User Lookup

Check User Activities,Segments he is part of, Wallet Preview and Logs
You can lookup a user's Activities, campaigns that they are part of, Activity logs, created at, Name, Device details, and all data related to that particular user from the Dashboard with the help of user lookup, you will find it here
You can search for a user using a User id and click on search, I have used the user id as a test in this case. Once you click on search, you will find the details of the user like custom Attributes, Details, Segments he is been part of, and campaigns he is been a part of.
You can click on the Rewards page preview to check the wallet of this particular user.
You can Add or Remove the particular user to a Segment from Here, Under segments, you will find this option, select a segment from the dropdown of available segments and click on Add or Remove based on your Requirements.
You can find the device details as well from here
You can check the Activity logs for this user by clicking on Activity logs, you will find the logs like Interaction logs, Webhook logs, and Event Logs, by clicking on expand option, inbound and Outbound events for this particular user can also be seen at the bottom of the page.