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Debugger/User Data Deletion

Useful in testing campaigns from user perspective.
Go to settings (bottom left) on your dashboard and click you will find options → then click on Dev Console → there you will find the Debugger Option By using the Debugger you can get to see all the details of the user by giving their User id and clicking on Submit. You can see the User's details, like the segments they are a part of, Campaigns they are a part of.

The best thing is you can Add or Remove a user from your desired segment,

Campaign Preview

Scroll down to Campaign ops, Give the campaign id, and you can see the preview of that specific campaign and wallet preview as well from here.

User data deletion

Scroll down to Campaign ops, Give the campaign id, and click on Delete data, once you click on Delete User Data, You will see a pop-up asking for the Deletion of data for a single campaign OR Delete all user Data, based on your requirement you can proceed with your desired outcome.

Note:- If you select Delete all user data, the user should be registered again, so we recommend you use the “Delete Data only for this Campaign” option if deletion is required for a specific campaign.