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Duplicating a Campaign

How to Duplicate a campaign between Environments or in the same Environment
Duplicating a campaign You can Duplicate a campaign in the Same Environment or to the other Environment (Staging/Production)
  • Access the Staging Environment: Ensure you are logged in and have access to the staging environment where the original campaign is created.
  • Navigate to the Campaign: Locate the campaign that you want to duplicate.
  • Open the Kanban Menu (Three Dots Menu): Click on the campaign to open its details page. In the top-right corner or bottom-right corner of the campaign details, you should see a "Kanban Menu" icon (usually represented by three vertical dots or lines). Click on this icon to open the Kanban Menu.
  • Select Duplicate: Within the Kanban Menu, you will find various options. Look for and select the "Duplicate" option. This will prompt a new dialog box to appear.
  • Choose Destination Environment: In the dialog box, you will see the option to select the destination environment for the duplicated campaign. Choose between "Current Environment" (staging) or "Production" environment, depending on where you want the campaign duplicated.
Confirm and Duplicate: Once you have selected the desired destination environment, confirm your choice and proceed to duplicate the campaign. The system will begin the duplication process. Once the Duplication is completed you will find the duplicated campaign on Draft State with a New Campaign Id, you can Edit it and take it live whenever you want. If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, feel free to reach out to the CustomerGlu support team for assistance.