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Reward Page Configuration

How to make changes to the Reward Page via the Dashboard

Accessing the feature

  1. 1.
    To access the Reward Page Settings, Head to the Dashboard and click on the bottom left icon.
3. Click on Appearance from the pop-up side menu to access the Appearance setting menu.
4. Click on Reward Page Settings to customise the appearance of the Rewards Page. (Image attached for reference)


You can change the Banner Image & Back Button Icon by uploading your files/assets. You will be able to see the live changes on the right side of your screen.


You can also change the Background between an Image or Colour. If you choose to go with an image, you can upload the file and see the live change on the right of the screen.


You can add Sections on the Rewards Page, In the image shared above, there is a Section named Prizes.
  • You can change the name of the section by editing the Section Name.
  • You can change the Section Background Colour as well as the Section Text Colour.
  • You can opt between Horizontal and Grid Section Layouts.
  • You can change the Section Content between Rewards or Programs.

Empty State Configuration

You can configure the empty state of sections as well:
  • You can choose an illustration for the Empty State
  • You can edit the title and body for the Empty State message.


You can filter the cards visible in different sections well, this can help with use cases like, creationg a specific section for reward, quizzes, etc.
  • You can choose between Unplayed Game Cards, Played Reward Cards or Unplayed Game + Played Reward Cards.
  • You can also choose between the Campaigns Types you would like the user to see by checking the boxes and also choose to show the Expired Cards.